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Introducing the DATA Protocol.

A sustained reduction in both migraine frequency and intensity can only be achieved by focusing on the right things at the right time. The DATA protocol teaches you how to do exactly that.

The course.

The 8-week course consists of eight classes, where the main objective is to walk with you as you learn the skills needed to reduce the number of migraines.

  • Create meaningful goals

    One of most important aspects of the DATA protocol centers on building a strong foundation from which to create goals, measure your performance, and continue to build on sustained progress.

  • Establish a support system

    It may not be impossible, but it is difficult to succeed on your own. The reason why so many migraine sufferers feel that their situation is becoming hopeless has to do with the absence of a support system.

    You must learn how to properly use the power and energy of this support so that it acts as a buffer when forced to deal with the migraines.

  • Eliminate triggers

    At its core, the DATA protocol teaches you how to find and eliminate migraine triggers. Creating your own personalized migraine-specific diet, using a systematic approach, represents the only way stop spinning your wheels.

  • Be proactive

    The DATA Protocol is about changing from a reactionary to proactive stance. You may be used to taking anything to relieve the pain, once the migraine starts, but this is not a recipe for success.

    Instead, you have to learn how to apply the tools that can proactively combat the migraine episodes, so they don’t happen in the first place. For this to occur, you need to be fully committed.

  • Increase productivity

    Learn how to maximize productivity, so that you can take on and accomplish those things that, so far, have been out of reach.

    Reduced productivity affects every aspect of your life. It can often mean earning less money, being in a job you dislike, and an inability to take part in activities that you enjoy.

    Taking control of your migraines, through the DATA Protocol, is about increasing productivity over the long term. It’s about becoming more active, in order to accomplish your goals.

  • Positively impact your quality of life

    In the end, quality of life is about happiness. And you and I need more of it. Imagine reducing the number of migraines by half. What would happiness look like and what would you be willing to give up to get it?

    The DATA protocol has the potential to change every aspect of your life for the better, if you’re willing to work for it. With a road map in hand, you can finally improve your health, and also impact other areas in your life that, so far, have been neglected.

No more guesswork…
This course teaches you how to analyze and make sense of your own episodes using a proven system.

First Half (Weeks 1 through 4)


In order to be in the best starting position, the first half of the course focuses on teaching migraine sufferers how to build the needed infrastructure, before moving on to the next stage. Without the right foundation in place, we only set ourselves up to fail.

Second Half (Weeks 5 through 8)


Once we’re on stable ground, the second half of the course is about learning the critical steps that distinguishes the DATA protocol and makes it successful. Migraine sufferers learn and perfect those skills that are instrumental in determining and avoiding specific triggers.

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Receive a limited time offer of $100 OFF the DATA Protocol Course with a pre-order of the up-coming book.
Regularly $799 for the 8-Week Course.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    I am in a different time zone? Can I still sign up?

    Yes. The course is open to everyone, provided that the time slot works.

    If at least 5 participants sign up in a given time zone, we may decide to split the group up and accommodate those in a particular geographic location.

    What if I miss a session? Do you offer makeup sessions?

    Course recordings will be available, in case a participant misses one or more sessions. Alternatively, you may be able to sign up for an upcoming session, depending on availability. However, there might be an additional wait time.

    Through unforeseen circumstances, a session may need to be canceled or postponed. In case this does occur, we will notify each participant in advance and plan on resuming the following week

    In case needed, is it possible to postpone the course, once I have signed up?

    It will depend. If one week or more is remaining until the start of the first session, it is possible to postpone, provided that  written notification is received.

    What is the process for participating during each weekly session?

    Participants get an invitation to dial in using Skype.

    Can a spouse or family member also sign up?

    The course is meant for those suffering from migraines as well as family. One additional family member may attend.

    If I preorder the book, would I be able to get the discount on the course?

    The book preorder and course combination option needs to be selected, in order to receive the discount. The discount is not available on individual book preorders.

    Can payment be made by credit card?

    Payment is made through PayPal. PayPal offers the ability to pay by credit card.

    Can I cancel the course for a refund?

    Yes. For a full refund, however, cancellation must occur at least one week in advance of the start of the course. If cancellation is made within the preceding week, only half of the amount is refunded. There are no refunds once the course starts.

    How many sessions are there?

    There are eight weekly sessions that run for 45 minutes each.

    Why is there only one class per week?

    In order to get the most out of the class, participants should begin working on the material starting with the first week. There are several stages and the benefit of splitting up the sessions by week ensures that participants make meaningful progress while the course is ongoing. In addition, any questions or concerns can be discussed in the appropriate time frame.