The best migraine relief

Best migraine relief

I did a Google search for the best migraine relief out there today. Immediately, you see ads  for various prescription medication treatments. There is a also a link to a website that focuses on some sort of surgery.

Scrolling down further, you can see a number of websites. There’s a link from WebMD that says,”Drugs to Treat Migraine Headaches…”.  There’s also a link to from Harvard Health, which discusses new ways to “manage” the migraines and talks about migraines and headaches in general.

We should not want to MANAGE the migraines any longer. Enough! It’s time to start rethinking our options.

The best migraine relief is NOT an expensive machine.

An advertisement displaying some sort of device that you’re supposed to put on your forehead is not the answer. There’s also a different device that you put into your ear.  You also see all of the mind-blowing images for these expensive machines on the right-hand side.

The focus, as usual, is flawed. Once we’re focusing on the immediate pain, we’re already late to the game. It is just the wrong approach, which unfortunately leads to continued migraines.

…and here come the supplements

And as always, a bunch of supplements show up that claim to get rid of your migraines.

So what is the best migraine relief?

The best migraine relief is the one that ensures that the migraine never happens! And it’s NOT dealing with the migraine once it has already started.

The whole idea is for the migraine never to begin. The best migraine relief ensures exactly that. If we keep the migraine from starting, we don’t have to deal with expensive machines or medication that could bring on other side effects.  And we don’t have to buy expensive supplements either. Instead, we can just live our lives normally.

The DATA Protocol

Best migraine relief 2

I created the DATA Protocol so that all of us would be able to finally get real relief without medication. It focuses on taking the right steps in the right order so that you consistently reduce migraine frequency and naturally remove the migraine pain. It’s about increasing the number of days without migraines. That’s really what we’re talking about in terms of the best migraine relief.

So before you go and buy a machine for $500 or spend another $50 to buy supplements, and before you are tempted to go back and get medication that you really hate, think about what you’re really trying to do here.

Until next time…